restaurant schnockeloch


The Schnockeloch Restaurant was born out of an Alsatian family's passion for their traditional cuisine. Since its humble beginnings, the establishment has developed to become a symbol of Alsatian culinary art.


For decades, we have had the privilege of serving a diverse clientele, from local residents to visitors from all over the world. Every dish is an invitation to discover the soul of Alsace.

Proud of our commitment to excellence, we have had the honor of receiving various awards and distinctions for our cuisine and service.

The Art of Alsatian Cuisine

restaurant schnockeloch


A very beautiful half-timbered house from the 15th century once occupied the current location of the restaurant and was even listed in the historical monument inventory of Strasbourg in 1937. From 1466 to 1854, the building housed a ‘brotbeck’, a place where bread was prepared. Then it became a cigar merchant, a winstub, and finally a restaurant.


The Municipal Archives mention the sign


‘Zum Schnockeloch’ as early as 1919.


In 1944, the house was heavily bombed and it was not until 1950 that a reconstruction permit was issued. Under the direction of architect Sensfelder, the project included a facade alignment in a rounded shape that still characterizes it today and gives it an original architectural identity along the Ill quays. Initially planned for two floors, the restaurant was ultimately limited to the ground floor.

‘Hans im Schnokeloch’ est l’un des personnages folkloriques alsaciens les plus connus. Une célèbre chanson populaire lui a été dédiée ; elle dresse, dit-on, le portrait du caractère alsacien : jovial, heureux de vivre, hospitalier mais en même temps jamais satisfait de son sort.

‘Jean dans le trou à moustiques a tout ce qu’il veut !
Et ce qu’il a, il n’en veut pas,
Et ce qu’il veut, il ne l’a pas’.
(1601) Les troubadours – Der hans im schnokeloch (1967) – YouTube


Since 2007, the restaurant has been under the direction of Caroline Celik, who, with passion and skill, maintains the soul of the Schnockeloch by perpetuating the sense of hospitality and gastronomy that has long characterized Strasbourg. In 2024, Caroline and her husband Denis are undertaking major renovations to give the Schnockeloch a new lease of life. 75 years later, they are resuming the post-war reconstruction project and completing it by creating a large room on the first floor, offering customers a unique 180-degree view of Strasbourg along the Ill quays, from Petite France to the beginning of Neustadt.


For over 100 years, rooted in Alsatian culture and witness to the history of Strasbourg and the life of its inhabitants, Le Schnockeloch has preserved its soul and established itself as one of the city’s reference restaurants, where people come and return with the same pleasure.


They talk about us

Très bonne cuisine dans une ambiance chaleureuse. Le service est très bien et sympathique


On n 'est jamais déçus ! Les portions sont généreuses. Excellent rapport qualité prix . Je conseille vivement

By Martine d.

Super restaurant typiquement alsacien! Alsacienne d'origine j'avais invité des Belges qui ont vraiment apprécié votre très bonne cuisine !! Bravo et continuer ainsi!

By Doris A