OUR menu


with soft-boiled egg and sautéed seasonal vegetables, Walnut halves with citrus sauce

with almond and Parmesan breading, and fresh herbs

Caramelized onions, seasonal chutney, and Gewurztraminer marc jelly

Warm apple and sauerkraut salad

Cervelas sausage and Gruyère cheese


with potato salad, horseradish sauce, and seasonal salad

with cream and mushroom sauce, green salad

for two people with braised ham hock

served on a bed of caramelized sauerkraut with steamed potatoes

cheese sauce, sautéed potatoes, and green salad


Fries, Potatoes, Spaëtzle

sauce served with Spaëtzle

served with fries and seasonal salad

gratiné with Munster cheese

with seasonal mushroom sauce

with Munster cheese sauce or pepper sauce or mushroom cream sauce


Garlic Basil Butter, Pine Nuts on a Bed of Caramelized Cabbage and Roasted Potatoes

Salmon, Pike-Perch, Haddock


Cervelas grillé Salade de Choucroute aux pommes tièdes Spare ribs Frites et salade Tiramisu alsacien

- Salade alsacienne - Baeckeoffe aux 3 viandes Salade verte - Sorbet arrosé au marc de Gewurztraminer

-   1/2 tarte flambée traditionnelle -   Jambonneau grillé, coulant de Munster Pommes sautées et salade verte -   Kouglof glacé

- Aiguillettes de poulet pané, sauce au fromage blanc, frites et salade - 2 boules de glace, pistoles de smarties ou - Knacks strasbourgeoises, frites, salade - 2 boules de glace, pistoles de smarties


with a selection of 4 sweets

Chocolate fondant with Chantilly cream and vanilla ice cream

with Chantilly cream, vanilla ice cream

(vanilla ice cream, red fruit coulis, and Grand Marnier)

(rum raisin ice cream, vanilla ice cream, meringue, caramel, and a shot of rum)

lemon, mirabelle plum, pear, or raspberry

on a Pretzel toast with ice cream and sweet almond milk

with cherries marinated in kirsch

with red fruit coulis and marc de Gewurztraminer

vanilla, chocolate, coffee, or sweet almond milk

lemon, raspberry, mirabelle plum, or pear

with vanilla ice cream

All our dishes are prepared on-site using local and fresh ingredients*
*except for fries and ice cream